My name is Szabó Róbert and I am the owner of the Euro Transz Szerviz Ltd.

AUTOI established this company in a form of limited partnership in 1989. The main mission of this company is to provide transportation, rescue and roadside assistance for cars and trucks, moreover the transportation within Europe of other equipment together with maximum 8 people. Due to the growth and development of our company in 2003 it became a limited liability company.

The range of our day-to-day working activity is the area of 100 kms around Tatabánya, the M1 highway and the section between the 18th – 80th kilometers of the road No.1 which is parallel with the M1 highway.

During the time period of two decades we rescued and transported crashed and damaged vehicles on a daily basis. That ensured us plenty of experiences in the field of vehicle rescuing. In every case when we provide our services we take care to avoid any danger, therefore we reduce the chance of any other damage on your car to 0%. We try to satisfy our customers by our professional and precise work all the time.

It is always a big challenge for us to rescue one or more vehicles from different conditions, and for that reason we pay unique attention even to the smallest detail in order to provide our service the best as possible.

Our company by its three own vehicles and its several authorized partners is capable to serve our customers in the whole area of Europe.

We can store our customers damaged or crashed vehicles at our station within the safest conditions.