Car rescue and transportation


  • Non-stop vehicle service
  • Hydraulic vehicle lift
  • Transportation of more cars and motor bikes at once
  • special transportation of veteran cars, racing and low profile cars
  • diagnostics of damaged vehicles and reparation on place (therefore we strive to minimize the costs of our customers)
  • Transportation of machinery
  • Transportation of stage and another components
  • In situation of truck rescuing there is a possibility to move the cargo on place by manpower or forklift!
  • Transportation of maximum 8 persons
  • Fast and professional transportation or rescue of crashed vehicles!


We also offer precise and safe services of wheel change on place, fuel refilling and automotive battery charging. In case that you don´t have a spare tire or your automotive battery is not functioning, we are ready 24 hours a day to deliver them to your location. Any other damages are only possible to fix with special equipment s and components at our car service.


From the moment of your phone call we and our authorized partners are immediately ready to take action and help you out wherever in the country you are. The maximum time of waiting are 40 minutes.

On the M1 highway and the roads which are located in parallel with the M1 highway we are able to arrive to your location from 10 to 40 minutes after your phone call.

In case of transportation to abroad or from abroad the departure is realized within one hour from your phone call.